1. My SiteGround Story

I have been running multiple online businesses for the past 12 years and in that time I have used a large assortment of different web hosting companies and solutions for hosting both traditional websites and those powered by WordPress and more recently the eCommerce giant Shopify.

Each hosting company I have purchased services from had its pros and cons. One thing I know is that there is always something a web host seems to be incredibly terrible at offering.

Whether that be overall speed and stability, customer service, inadequate technical support, usability, terrible UX (User Experience) or even some combination of these.

I came to the conclusion after dealing with one hassle after another that there simply isn’t one best web host out there and web hosting in general is just a terrible mess to deal with.

I thought I would likely need to hire multiple technical specialists if I ever wanted to have a fast, secure website build for a satisfactory user experience.

This was what I always thought until something happened. Something amazing I had never thought possible…

Skip the story, just show me the features!​​

I have created a table of contents for your convenience. Please use the links in the table of contents to navigate this review and the “back to top” button to get back up to the Table of contents whenever you need to.

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

  1. My SiteGround Story
  2. Free SSL Certification for All Your Websites
  3. Free Lifetime Renewal of SSL for All Hosting Plans
  4. Heavily Optimized WordPress Hosting
  5. 1-Click Install
  6. Auto-updates WordPress and Joomla
  7. SuperCacher Both for WordPress and Joomla
  8. SG Optimizer WordPress Plugin
  9. WordPress Staging
  10. WordPress Migration for Free
  11. Simply the Most Affordable Plans On the Market
  12. Unlimited Subdomains and Why that is Important
  13. Fastest Web Hosting Company in Existence
  14. Cloudflare CDN is Now Integrated with Siteground
  15. Built in eCommerce Solutions
  16. Joomla Staging
  17. Softaculous All in One 1-Click Install
  18. Overall Beautiful UI and Excellent Support Documentation
  19. Enterprise Class Cloud Hosting
  20. SiteGround’s World Class Dedicated Hosting
  21. Absolutely Real 99.9 Uptime
  22. Exclusive E-books Available to All
  23. Amazing Perk Discounts
  24. Lucrative Referral and Affiliate Programs
  25. Free Drag & Drop Site Builder
  26. Unlimited Email Accounts
  27. The Reviews! Oh, the Reviews


See my Conclusion!

Affiliate Disclaimer – Hi my name is Ella and I am the CEO of Stritan Enterprises. I’m here to inform you that any review you see on our website/s may include affiliate links to products and services we believe in. If you would like to make sure your purchase from the SiteGround Web Hosting Company does NOT include an affiliate commission to us, then please click this non-affiliate-link and no hard feelings at all. No matter what just know that we believe wholeheartedly that in all our years of running websites we have never found a better website host than SiteGround! Please check Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or simply do a Google search and you will find so many people agree!

Web Host Depression is a real thing and it affects “Millions”

web host depression

It simply could not be true I thought when I first read through various reviews of a new kid on the block to the web hosting market. SiteGround was something else and not all of it was good I surmised.

Just look at that ugly logo. How could this new company have anything to offer when we had the likes of beautifully marketed and designed companies like MediaTemple to choose.

To say I was underwhelmed by SiteGround when I first took the plunge to investigate it as a possible hosting solution for myself and my companies would be the understatement of the century!

It simply didn’t have the looks of all those other web companies out there who were currently vying for my attention, but no matter what, I knew I was fed up with my current web host and needed to find a practical alternative as my page speed had become so bad I was at times seeing it take more than 30 secs just to load my homepage.

Worse yet, the web host I was using assured me it was my fault and on my end. That there was nothing else they could do for me. I didn’t believe them but what was I to do?

I had already paid them and they refused to help or refund me back my service fees for the coming years of their hosting. What a mess I was in. No matter what I was going to have to pay them or threaten legal action. What an absolute headache of a predicament this was becoming.

Site speed was so important to me and everything I googled about it said that it would make a huge difference in whether I ever saw sales from any of my products.

Even just a one-second difference in website loading time for eCommerce sites was a significant loss of revenue they said. The pages of information buzzed in my head. I had a much worse problem than that though because it wasn’t a measly second I was trying to save.

My pages were on average loading in 15-18 secs. This was the absolute worst hosting experience I had ever had in all my years of business. No website of mine had ever performed so poorly and this web host was supposed to be one powering fortune 500 companies.

How could that ever be possible? It’s not like many hosts I had used in the past were much better. Always making my life so stressful when things went wrong and they always went wrong!

I wanted to stay loyal to this company because it hadn’t always been this bad but ultimately I decided that the raving SiteGround reviews meant that SiteGround as a possible miracle cure to my web host depression was too good a possibility to pass up.

Are You Kidding Me? An Actual, Real, Good Web Host Exists? It Couldn’t Be True!

The first thing that happened when I finally took a leap of faith hoping SiteGround would catch me and restore a sense of faith in humanity and web hosts was that I was greeted kindly by a sales person who offered to migrate my website’s over for free.

This was likely something that other web hosting companies would have also offered me but it was an absolute breath of fresh air compared to the web host I was dealing with at the time who tried to charge me for virtually everything and wouldn’t even give me credit for the time in which my websites performed worse than any had ever before.

I quickly accepted the offer to try out one of my websites with their services and see if this viral campaign of unprecedented praise for SiteGround was simply too good to be true as things like this usually are.

Within seconds of everything transferring over and DNS propagation completing my website was loading 90% faster. About 3 secs was how long it took to load before any optimizations if I remember correctly and I was absolutely astonished having dealt with upwards of 30-45 secs at times with my previous host.

It had to be a fluke I thought as I swapped through browser tabs to check my page speed ratings with GTmetrix and Pingdom tools. Nope it was real. My website really was loading that fast.

After speaking to a customer service agent in a live chat (something amazing I had never had access to with previous hosts) I was having him set up optimization plugins and settings bringing my page speed down to just under 2 secs and to think all this time an ugly logo was one of the reasons that I refused to jump ship.

How foolish of me. In less time than it takes to write a couple articles I was back up and running with an impressive fast loading website and in my mind at least my old web host and all the hosting companies I had used were a thing of the past.

This was true beauty in a market and I need not look for something else to satisfy my needs. I asked another customer service agent to please begin the transfer of my other websites to SiteGround because clearly they were something special.

I wasn’t sure yet if all my websites would see such incredible page speed increases but I at least I wanted to try.

At this point I still had all my websites set up with my previous host but one by one as I moved them over to SiteGround and overall performance and stability proved itself to be second to none.

I was becoming more and more confident that at least when it came to speed the SiteGround reviews I had poured over had been deadly accurate.

Expert Support for Any Issue

Now that I had fully abandoned my previous web host I was feeling far more confident about my business and was working very hard on what mattered. Unfortunately as anyone who has run an online business or has built a website for any reason knows, problems are bound to happen.

I had my many websites break in various different ways from errors in coding, .htaccess problems, outdated WordPress plugins and general user error. Every single time something would go wrong I would reach out to SiteGround.

Unlike the experience I had with previous hosts waiting days for emails and updates to my queries. Something my dear readers have likely experienced themselves. I was able to set up a chat session in seconds.

Almost always having a real person instantly the second I clicked the link for support. I was pretty impressed by just the speed of getting someone on the line with me so to speak and I could have even called them if I preferred but what had me far more impressed with SiteGround support was their very real attentiveness and expert staff capable of helping me with even the toughest of website and server errors.

I was pretty hooked on contacting them for anything minor even. Perhaps it had become a guilty pleasure of mine but it was so nice to always have someone there to talk to who would do their best to assist me even if it wasn’t exactly their area of expertise.

When All Hell Breaks Loose, The Truth of Running Websites.

Sometimes I do things that completely break my websites. I hate to admit it but it is completely true and probably happens to everyone who interacts with websites daily far more than you would believe. When it happens to me emotions run absolutely crazy.

I tend to overthink everything and have pretty major freak outs when anything goes wrong. Every time this has happened while hosting with SiteGround however when I was unable to solve the problem an advanced team of technical specialists have seen to it to fix my websites for me.

What SiteGround offers is technical support on a whole other level. No web hosting company has ever given me such a wonderful group of talented men and women who actually care about me, about my websites, and about my business like this.

They have done so for years now without fail, assuring that I can do the things that I do best and not worry so much about what happens when I inevitably forget to add something to my code that smashes my website into pieces all over again.

Better yet in all my time with SiteGround, while it is certainly an option, I have never had to restore a site from a backup. The technical support team has always been able to help me instead, which is so wonderful as that is an extra hassle I would hate to have to deal with and I am not always so great at remembering to backup even the most elaborate changes and updates to my sites.

Simply The Best

While I didn’t think it was possible, SiteGround has made me love my web hosting company for the first time in all my life. They are the ultimate solution no matter how large your business is, offering shared hosting for small companies all the way up to enterprise solutions and dedicated servers.

No matter your needs SiteGround is paving the way with the absolute best in technology, servers, customer service, optimization, features, and so much more!

Below I will address many of these individually and by the end of this comprehensive SiteGround Review I hope to show you just how important your web hosting is in 2018 and why SiteGround should be the only company on your lips when asked who you host your websites with.

Digging Further into SiteGround, A Masterpiece Web Host

SiteGround has existed for about the last 8 years. Making a name for itself as one of the best reviewed web hosts to ever grace the internet. Facebook polls and internet surveys consistently list SiteGround as 1# and for good reason. Unlike most companies I have worked with, SiteGround seems to really care about going above and beyond for their customers whether in the case of features or customer service. Without wasting any more time let’s get to the list!

2. Free SSL Certification for All Your Websites

​It is becoming more important than ever to have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)​ encryption set up on your domains. Why? Well because what SSL does is encrypt links between a visitors browser and the server your domain is hosted on. This happens with any online communication that takes place and is absolutely vital when processing any customer information.

You pretty much cannot run an eCommerce website without ensuring that your customer’s information is secure. While the masses may not seem like they know what is going on in technology sometimes.

Companies and governments the world over have been doing marketing to these consumers ensuring that they expect to see a green “https” along with the words secure and/or a lock icon. This lets them know they are on a secure site and are safe to process transactions with your company.

Without SSL you cannot expect to go very far with any online business or services and for very good reason it is entirely unethical and in some cases can even be illegal! Worse yet for anyone not running SSL this year Google has unequivically stated that they will make sure 2/3 of websites running anything on their website that captures customer information such as email forms, search boxes, etc. will be flagged with a red caution symbol and the text “Not Secure.”

Along with that Google will also have text letting your customers know that because your website is unsecure they should not enter any sensitive information whatsoever. If you are selling anything that will result in huge revenue loss by losing those visitors to your site as valuable customers.

Not having SSL certifcation on your domain could literally be the death of your business.

For more information check out this article. https://serverguy.com/security/google-forcing-ssl-certificate-websites/​

Further Google has also said that SSL, having a “https” on your domain is in fact a “lightweight ranking factor”

Here is an article that goes much further into SSL and Google’s ranking factors.

Use SSL/HTTPS To Rank & Look Better on Google (Updated)

​Thankfully SSL is now included with your SiteGround web hosting plan, ensuring you will never have to worry about this fatal business error ever again. They will even set them up on your domain for you. Stritan has multiple domains that redirect traffic to it Stritan.org, Stritan.net, etc. We were able to set up SSL for even these, which is excellent for us because it allows a user to type in our website name with or without http, https, etc. and have them redirect to our secure websites.

It is my goal to always use SSL going forward and the fact that SiteGround offers free SSL makes it a better web host to get involved with right out the gate as opposed to so many web hosting companies that offer nothing like this for their customers.

3. Free Lifetime Renewel of SSL for All Hosting Plans

​Not only do you have SSL included through Let’s Encrypt with every plan. Even the cheapest option, but your SSL certs are automatically renewed every year. You don’t have to go through the headache of renewing them all, getting emails and validating, etc. They are just renewed for you without you having to lift a finger ever!

4. Heavily Optimized WordPress Hosting

SiteGround WordPress hosting is an incredible service at an amazing price. You just can’t get hosting like this anywhere else. Offering all the best in technology and support systems SiteGround gives you a ton of tools to help you optimize and control your WordPress website right within its Cpanel backend.

5. 1-Click Install

Immediately once inside Cpanel you can easily launch your WordPress website right away in seconds with just one click of the mouse! What could possibly be easier than that?

6. Auto-updates WordPress and Joomla

​​Logging into each individual website you have hosted with SiteGround in order to perform updates is a thing of the past. Now all you have to do to update your WordPress or Joomla sites is access your Cpanel and update them directly there. You can even schedule updates for every time WordPress or Joomla releases a new one!

7. SuperCacher both for WordPress and Joomla

Besides the startup plan all SiteGround services come with the amazing SuperCacher allowing you to cache resources and greatly increase site and page speed, ensuring a much smoother experience for your customers. It is important to point out that even 1 sec of extra loading time on a web page can decrease revenue significantly!

It doesn’t matter if your website is eCommerce or something else. Page speed matters and is absolutely a ranking factor according to Google.

Check out these articles for even more of a wake up call to how important the speed of your website loading is in this day and age.



If you have any trouble setting this up or simply don’t feel comfortable, SiteGround will absolutely do it for you at no extra charge. What’s amazing is just how much of a difference this powerful little plugin will make to your life and business profits when your website is finally loading the way it should!

It offers 4 different types of caching services but the main 3 options are as follows.

Static caching: This service takes all your large image files, CSS code, Javascript, any flash files, etc. and caches them in the browser so that instead of loading everything from the server your visitors are accessing that cached information.

This is important as it can help to ensure that you have access to significantly more visitor hits and SiteGround specifies this can be up 100x more than if you chose to not utilize caching.

Dynamic caching: ​Your website server has its own memory or RAM and this service will take any dynamic files and content on your site and created copies to store into that RAM/memory.

It works in conjunction with static caching and a lot of technical things are going on in the background. All you need to know is that these processes ensure a smooth and unified experience for all of your users which is very important in getting your visitors to perform actions on your website.

Whether that be buying something, filling out a form for your newsletter, clicking important links, or contacting you. More importantly a well functioning and fast loading website captivates your audience and likely leads to repeat visitors and therefore repeat customers.

Memcached level 3 caching: ​This one is a bit confusing to explain. Your website has a database which stores a multitude of different things and it is this that if corrupted can lead to the loss of an entire website. While SiteGround offers other protections for database corruption.

What Memcaching does is reduce the number of times that data in your database is queried or asked a question basically. The types of things it speeds up are page renders, API calls, and all your database cells.

WordPress can take advantage of this service and it makes a metric world of difference too. Unless you are some developer you really don’t need to know much about this information. I myself am certainly no expert.

There is just a ton to be said about the SuperCacher services and website caching in general to be honest, but lest I get bogged down with all the technical information; let’s simply move on.

8. SG Optimizer WordPress Plugin

SG Optimizer

This one is specifically for WordPress along with the Supercacher options you get within your Cpanel backend you can also install and absolutely should SiteGround’s own SG Optimizer plugin.

This is a plugin was created by SiteGround in order to get the Supercaching services working perfectly your WordPress powered websites. Which as I mentioned above helps to greatly reduce page speed and overall slow down.

As with anything I have mentioned here if you are having any problems at all I recommend and so does SiteGround that you contact support. Who are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand.

9. WordPress Staging

Ever wanted to play around with your website but not mess it up on the live end? If you have ever used XAMMP or WAMP to set up a local server and test different theme or plugin configurations, optimize for page speed, etc. without affecting your site and possibly breaking it completely, then this is the perfect tool for you.

I have never had to set up local hosting like this ever again since I became a customer of SiteGround. You can do all your staging of all your websites completely included in your package with their GoGeek plan.

Once you have copied over your website and made the changes in your staging environment pushing those updates to your live site is literally just a click away.

Say goodbye to breaking your website ever again and hello to the freedom that staging offers you!

10. WordPress Migration for Free

You read that correct! SiteGround will bend over backwards to help you and migrate all your WordPress websites over to their web hosting service absolutely free. Letting you simply relax and handle the things you are best at. They will take care of the rest.

11. Simply the Most Affordable Plans On the Market

Considering all the features you get with SiteGround (and may I remind you we are only on section 11 of this review) you would expect to have to pay a pretty penny. After all, all that goodness has to cost a fortune.

You’d actually be wrong though. Having been in business online for over a decade I can saftely assure you that you’d be hard pressed to find a better service offering this much value for these kinds of prices. That is simply unheard of in this industry.

Beyond the value SiteGround is uniquely positioned to help you get only the plan you need right now with plans to upgrade as you grow. They offer three main plans for shared hosting before you get into their more expensive dedicated servers and enterprise solutions. They are certainly aptly named hosting plans too.

First up is their lowest plan called Startup offering you only one website but 10GB of web space on their servers and totally capable of handling 10,000 visits monthly.

Their next plan is GrowBig and offers about double what the Startup plan does as well as some very important additional features.

The biggest one being that you can host an unlimited amount of websites on this plan. Now you still have to account for resources but unless you have giant websites at the moment this plan will likely suffice until you grow a bit more. See what I did there?

At this plan level you get free website restoration from any of the 30 backups that are also freely done for you daily. How is that for peace of mind regarding your business or personal project.

SiteGround’s highest tier shared hosting plan GoGeek offers the absolute best in website resources and features. Allowing you up to 100,000 visitors per month and 30GB of web space. It is also at this tier of hosting that you get access to Staging for your websites.

As I mentioned above Staging allows you to easily update your website in a safe environment and then push those changes right away.

Here is a chart comparing the various differences between the shared hosting plans. I’ve also included a link to check out everything on SiteGround’s website.

Siteground compared


SiteGround Features

12. Unlimited Subdomains and Why That is Important​

All plans come with the ability to set up as many subdomains on your main domains as you want. If you have ever visited any of the web properties that Disney runs you may have noticed that they are doing subdomains right. Basically for every different theme that Disney has they have a seperate subdomain to market.

Check out their “Princess” or “Cars” properties. They are distinctly different and catered specifically to their theme in all the best ways. This allows them to focus their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts on these properties individually.

Allowing them to built an empire of different theme based properties. There are a lot of different expert opinions on whether doing SEO this way is best or not but considering this is the system I currently am following for my domains I tend to prefer the Disney approach.

Currently we are using our main corporate site for consulting services and promoting business products and services, while also writing content to help businesses find success in this ever changing world and avoid common pitfalls.

For a more in-depth look at the question of whether to use one domain or multiple subdomains for your business check out this excellent article by Jenny Halasz ​over at Search Engine Journal

13. Fastest Web Hosting Company in Existence

​If you skipped my story above it’s okay I’m not mad at you honest. In it I addressed how before I switched over to SiteGround web hosting my websites were all taking anywhere from 30-45 secs to load on average.

This was just atrocious and destroyed any chance of me making sales or really accomplishing anything. Plus in 2018 Google is more than ever stressing how important page load speed is. Basically it is a major ranking factor and many speculate the most important one.

As soon as I changed my web hosting company to SiteGround my websites were loading within about 3 secs without optimizations. After optimizing further with SiteGround SuperCacher and various settings I had everything loading in about 2 secs on all my websites.

14. Cloudflare CDN is now integrated with SiteGround

cloudflare hosting


​Another factor that really plays a part in page speed optimization is minification and additional caching. What is so nice about Cloudflare as a CDN being integrated is that it is optimized to work perfectly with SiteGround and their own caching plugin.

Also if you have any problems with speed and optimizations directly related to either SiteGround support is always willing to help. The last time I was messing with plugins and caused an issue (literally my life lol) I just contacted them right away and they changed up some settings fixing the problems I was dealing with.

Minification is so important because it addresses HTML, CSS, and Javascript and minifys these resources by removing any redundant data that is unnecessary but your browser and that of your visitors will still process the resource normally.​

For more information about the process of web resource minification check out google developers ​guide on it.


Just know that what minification does is get rid of information that is unneeded and cause your website to load significantly faster because your browser is no longer having to load as much data as it was before.

Essentially any site working towards maximum page speed and optimizing for both users and the search engines is going to need to have both caching and minification and SiteGround provides both in tandem with each other.

If you want the absolute best in page speed you need to keep these things in mind. Lest I forget to remind you once again, page speed is a significate ranking factor for Google and the other search engines.

If you want your best chance at ranking for keywords and generating traffic from organic search you must optimize your websites for speed and usability.

15. Built in eCommerce Solutions

ecommerce siteground


​If you currently have an online store or are planning to in the future, a huge number of companies, artists, designers, coaches, etc. have all switched over to Shopify as their eCommerce platform of choice.

My own company Stritan has done the same for both our main site and upcoming launch project WishLimited. If you however are someone who already uses an eCommerce option such as Joomla, Magento, or Prestashop you are in luck as SiteGround already has these store platforms built in.

Assuming your website already uses one of these solutions it will be incredibly easy to get back up and running with your business by setting your store up quickly inside SiteGround’s cPanel backend.

If these eCommerce platforms happen to offer more of the features you are looking for versus Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. then it is always nice to know that you could switch over to one of these without having to go through any extra work.

It generally requires researching each platform and finding all the required files and plugins to get any online storefront up and running.

So that SiteGround has them integrated and has staff that can help you as issues arise regarding them certainly offers extra piece of mind when deciding who you would like to host with.

16. Joomla Staging

Not everyone is running WordPress these days and Joomla is still an attractive alternative. Thankfully SiteGround has thought of this and included a very simple system to do staging for Joomla sites just the same as for WordPress.

Again only being offered to the highest tier of shared hosting the GoGeek plan Joomla Staging allows anyone with a Joomla to create a copy of their website that allows them to tweak and make significant website changes with out worring about missing a line of code and crashing their website.

Since this is a very real concern and can cost any individual person/team hours or even days to uncover their errors one need not worry about such fears when hosting with SiteGround.

I really do love the staging features built into this web host because not only do I have that security but I don’t need to waste time setting up localhost servers and recreating or migrating my website information over. I can just into cPanel access the staging options and go to work breaking my sites 😛

17. Softaculous All in One​ 1-click Install

Besides all the eCommerce website platforms SiteGround also offers another installation system which is fully integrated and allows you to quickly install a cornicopia of other platforms and website tools. It is called Softaculous and I do remember I had a different web host years ago that also had this option within their Cpanel. What is so nice about Softaculous is the vast amount of variable options you can install. They offer everything from blogs to full CMS and email solutions.

The categories available are as follows Blogs, Micro Blogs, Portals/CMS, Forums, Image Galleries, Wikis, Social Networking, Ad Management, Calendars, Gaming, Mails, Polls and Analytics, Project Management, E-Commerce, ERP, Guest Books, Customer Support, Frameworks, DB Tools, Music, Video, RSS, File Management and even Others. Offering you hundreds of options no matter what kind of system you are planning on setting up for your websites.

Where normally you would be forced to go out and get all the required and necessary files for any of these Softaculous’ instant installer will have you up and running with any of them in just minutes.

Softaculous is an incredibly powerful tool and it would make your head spin (not to mention bore you to death) if I got into all the different things you can actually install on your website.

Just know that anything you are looking for it probably has it in spades!

18. Overall Beautiful UI and Excellent Support Domumentation

SiteGround Ui


cPanel has always been beautiful. I have always found its UI (User Interface) so refreshingly simple to navigate. Did you know that web hosts all offer their own sort of backend systems. Even shared hosting companies do and they don’t all use Cpanel. I have been absolutely confused by systems I used in the past and am so thankful that SiteGround chose Cpanel as its backend for shared and WordPress hosting.

SiteGround’s website is overall very easy to navigate. Though if I have one complaint about it getting to the chat option of support requires several steps. You have to enter your question and SiteGround basically determines what section of help you need offering you immediate solutions. I however usually just scroll down and find the addl. support option and choose to chat. However it is worth noting that many times I have actually found all the information I needed even for things that seemed out of my reach from a technical perspective.

What is actually available is incredibly well written and easy to follow and SiteGround offers a wide range of different support systems and helpful guides as well. Rather than simply being a wikipedia of sorts you have actionable solutions at your fingertips whenever you need them through SiteGround help.

When searching for anything a sophisticated AI finds whatever you need very quickly and also offers direct links to both in-depth tutorials and their extensive knowledge base.

As I mentioned many times in this review though the absolute corner stone of what makes their support system so great is their team of talented staff and chat system which almost always has you connected without waiting for even a minute. An absolute class of their own.

19. Enterprise Class Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting


​If you are a very large company or happen to own a large web property than shared hosting may not be the right option for you. In that case SiteGround offers several other options. The first of which I’m addressing here. Introducing a fast ultra scalable system that still allows all the features you have come to know and love about shared hosting but on a whole other level.

Fully managed and coming with 24/7 VIP support SiteGround’s Cloud hosting is a major upgrade to any of their shared plans. It still has a 1-click install solution for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and even Magento. Comes with autoupdate and staging options. Has Supercaching options, Softaculous installer and a whole lot more. Best of all it runs on super fast Linux containers all with SSD disks ensuring the best in speed and resource efficiency​.

There are four different Cloud Hosting plans with SiteGround and all of them offer ridiculous 5 TB data transfer.

You can even set your server up to auto-scale when you have traffic spikes!

20. SiteGround’s World Class Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting


​Just like their cloud hosting, SiteGround offers fully managed dedicated hosting options to you as well. They still offer auto-updating and staging services for the top website platforms and you actually do not have to worry about setting up the server, updating anything or monitoring and fixing problems on your server. SiteGround’s team of talent will take care of all of this for you so you can simply focus on running and building your empire. They offer what they deem blazing fast support and once again this is a 24/7 VIP service. You can submit tickets, call them up on the phone or use their chat system any time you need to speak to an expert.

They make sure to use the best data centers with exclusive machines so you are always getting the best service imaginable.

WordPress, Joomla, and Magento are supported platforms for 1-click install on SiteGround dedicated hosting. Softaculous is also supported. Three different options for service plans are available and each with 10 TB of Bandwidth for even the most damanding of company needs.

5 Free dedicated IP addresses are also included in your dedicated web hosting plan.

21. Absolutely Real 99.9% Uptime

​There is a reason you will find written all over the web that SiteGround has the best technology in the business. Customers everywhere have seen that unlike with so many other hosting solutions SiteGround’s unique system using Linux based Containers or LXC is built to be elastic in times of any traffic spikes.

Their own developers have written such code coding systems that they are now even incorporated into the official Linux Kernel code​ itself.

They offer so much in terms of technological solutions when it comes to their servers such as their own server monitoring that allows significantly faster access to information regarding issues on their servers. Best in class security and AI bots that prevent your WordPress and other web platforms from allowing rogue bots from accessing your websites.

SiteGround claims to block from 500,000 to 2,000,000 bruce force attempts on your website every hour. It is amazing just how hostile the online world actually is. You need a safe best in class solution even if you have an unknown tiny website.

If you would like more info on dangerous bots and SiteGround’s ways of dealing with them. This link will point you in the right direction.

Not ever having to worry about your website being down due to excessive traffic means that if you win the internet lottery and have your content or company go viral you no longer have to worry about losing out on those sales, commissions, etc

22. Exclusive E-books Available to All

​While most reviews likely focus on what you get for paying money and signing up with a web hosting plan. I wanted to highlight how SiteGround is giving back in general when it comes to website management and development. It shows you that you are dealing with a great company when free resources are available absolutely free of charge to anyone who even just decides to check out the website.

In case you are unaware whether you are a SiteGround customer or not you can access the three links I have posted below and get excellent e-books on the topics of Woocommerce, WordPress Website Optimization and WordPress Security.

These are completely free of charge and you don’t even have to enter your email address to download them. Click any of the links below for instant access!

WordPress Speed Optimization
WordPress Security

I really want to thank SiteGround for offering these free to everyone. I am absolutely sure dear reader they will benefit you as much as they have helped me and my company.

23. Amazing Perk Discounts

Siteground Deals

​Once you become a SiteGround customer you instantly have access to several great discounts on online solutions for your website. One of the products you get a discount on happens to be one of the best plugins available on the market. WP Rocket is widely reviewed as the best page speed optimization plugin and is tuned to perfectly work great with SiteGround services. I highly recommend it if you are looking for simple website optimization. It pretty much does all the guess work for you and just works!

The other discounts currently showing up in my SiteGround dashboard are as follows.

  • 15% Off Co-working office spaces by WeWork
  • $60 Credit for WordPress Development Services by Codeable
  • $20 Off Press75 – WordPress Themes
  • ​A Free trial of Optinmonster – A lead capture form creator
  • 20% Off Elementor – The best landing page creator for WordPress
  • 30% Off wpforms – A drag and drop WordPress form Builder
  • Free Premium WordPress themes from ithemes – Which is a developer unlimited license to
    • Builder Theme – Cohen​
    • Builder Theme – Madison
    • Builder Theme – Paige
    • Billboard & rotating Images Plugin
    • Multi-use License – which means you can use these on as many sites as you like.
    • All of which auto-renews every 12 months.
      • A $644 value absolutely Free with SiteGround Web Hosting.
  • 25% Off Conductor – A visual Front-End Content Layout Builder for WP
  • 90 Days Free of Crazyegg Head Map Analytics Service
  • 25% Off ithemes – All Themes and Plugins
  • One Full Month Free of Deevop – A Cloud Developement Environment for Joomla and WordPress
  • One Month Free of Tag Quo – A Security Update Monitor for Drupal
  • 30% Off Premium TemplateMonster Themes – Templates for all the best web platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, and so much more!

​These are perhaps subject to change but are what is currently available for me.

Secure your Perks with SiteGround

24. Lucrative Referral and Affiliate Programs

​As I stated in my disclaimer I am absolutely an affiliate for SiteGround. I wouldn’t be however if I didn’t truly believe that is the best web hosting out there that money can buy. Nor would I promote it if I hadn’t experienced its excellent service for myself.

I’m wrapping up this review very soon but for the moment please bear with me because I will show you just how many people out there believe the same as me regarding SiteGround. So many reviews, all from real people have chosen SiteGround as their premiere web hosting company and you will see from social media polls, Facebook and critics the world over that SiteGround is consistently rated the best and #1 web host.

Whether you decide to directly promote SiteGround or simply want to refer a few friends for free service they have excellent programs for both.

SiteGround’s Referral program offers up to 3 Months free of web hosting for bringing in just one friend, depending on which plan they sign up for.

Their affiliate program on the other hand at its highest tier pay out $100 per sale for recommending the best web hosting company on the internet. How could you not though?

25. Free Drag & Drop Site Builder

​As an added bonus SiteGround has their own site builder with simple drag and drop functionality. I found it one day while I was browsing the site and decided to look at additional services. It showed up under a header labeled “Order Extras” but I thought I would try it out anyways. There are upgraded plans but the free plan gives you access to Unlimited pages so is not really limited in that respect.

You can add on HD video and audio using HTML5 players for a premium as well. Under Pro and Business options you can even use their drag and drop site builder to create membership sites with up to 100 users. The Business plan lets you have unlimited users, registration buttons and the extra features.

This is just a nice little gem I thought some of my readers might be interested in and since the original plan is free by simply hosting it is at least worth trying out.

26. Unlimited Email Accounts

​This benefit of hosting with SiteGround is an absolute must and while your account resources won’t actually afford you unlimited emails (they use storage space), the fact that I can create as many accounts as I possibly need, allows me to segment my email lists and communication efforts.

I have so many email accounts for this company alone and I am always finding the need to have more for different aspects of my businesses. I exclusively use SiteGround as my email hosting service and use another program I did a recent updated review of called Mailbird for my email client.

I highly recommend you check out my review of Mailbird today because I believe it is hands down the best email client for windows available and I have a ton of respect for its CEO Andrea Loubier​ and the way she is really doing email right!

Check out this article for my full in-depth Review of Mailbird Email Client

27. The Reviews! Oh, The Reviews!

​Nothing could ever give someone more reason to try out SiteGround as their new web host more than its glowing reviews all over the internet and in the Media. I’m not sure I have ever seen a business product or service more praised than SiteGround website hosting.

Super low refund rates and consistently rated #1 by users all over in polls and passionate reviews, but don’t just take my word for it. Search Google. Hopefully that is how you found my review or check social media. Here are just a few links and photos showing how loved actually SiteGround is!


As you can clearly see from all the reviews and polls above people absolutely Love SiteGround web hosting. Whether you are looking for shared hosting for your fashion or travel blog or you need enterprise solutions and dedicated servers. SiteGround offers the absolute best in technology and services as well as excellent support making it a top notch solution for anyone looking to stop wasting time with shared hosting that lies to you about resources and will drop you like a hap once you start seeing real results and traffic.

Real businesses use SiteGround because you can’t sacrifice page speed for anything else!


Change your web hosting Life Today!


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